Smoking Meth
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Smoking Meth

Smoking meth is the most common method of injestion for most meth users. Smoking meth has a rapid onset because the meth is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream via the lungs, where it reaches the brain in about five seconds. The rush is much more intense than it is from snorting meth.

In the 1980's, "ice," a purer, smokable form of meth, came into use. Ice is a clear crystalized form of meth that is usually smoked in a glass pipe like crack cocaine. The smoke is odorless, leaves a residue that can be resmoked, and produces effects that may continue for 12 hours or more.

Different methods of smoking meth include using a meth pipe, using a light bulb, or using tinfoil.

Smoking meth with a meth pipe.

Meth pipe - pizzoProbably the most common method used throughout the world is to use a pipe to consume meth. This method is common due to the easiness and simplicity of use associated with it. However, the pipe might not be available around where one lives and thus other methods may be more suitable to use.

A meth pipe is often referred to as a "gak," "stem," "pizzo," "chalet," "oil burners," "mystic vases," or "roses." Often these glass pipes have a small plastic rose inside, which enables store owners to get around the legal hassles in selling them.

Smoking meth using a light bulb

Meth light bulbBecause light bulbs are commonly available in the local market, it is simple to acquire and very similiar to using a meth pipe. However, this method is less popular because it requires some preparation by seperating the top part of the bulb without breaking the glass.

Smoking meth using aluminum foil (chasing the white dragon)

Smoking meth - chasing the dragonAluminum foil is easy to aquire however this is not a preferred method for many because it generally requires technique and practice to effectively and efficeintly balance the meth on the foil as well as heat the meth under flame while at the same time inhaling the smoke efficiently without wasting.

Smoking Meth
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